The inspection of your medical device is intended solely as an “evaluation” of said W&H surgical product’s condition at the time and date of examination. W&H Impex Inc. asserts that the examined item was in the reported condition listed in the report sent to the owner via the Viskoot App at the time of the inspection only.

The product’s owner agrees to pay W&H Impex Inc. an inspection fee in the amount of $125.00.

The $125.00 inspection fee will be waived if the product owner accepts the repair recommendation and approves the product repair OR if the product owner purchases a replacement for the inspected item through the Viskoot Store.

If the product owner declines the proposed repair and decides to discard the product or requests the product returned to them without any repair or replacement, the $125.00 inspection fee will not be refunded.

Limited promotion: If you are among the first 5000 people who have downloaded Viskoot or submitting a repair request through Viskoot between October 1, 2023 and December 1, 2023 the inspection fee will be waived for your first repair request.

By requesting and consenting to W&H Impex Inc.’s inspection report, you unconditionally agree to these terms.